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Mason Tornado Huang quick bio:
   Began playing pool recreationally in high school and throughout college, it was a way to balance stressful environment between work and studies. Like many of his peers, he learned how to shoot by teaching himself on weekends at local billiard locations.  

  At the age of 34, he developed himself from a novice to a master pool player whom discovered many lost secrets of the sports and uncover ancient methods to learning and playing billiards.  

  Throughout the years, he had made many pool halls his home and networked with players of all levels, experiences, and achievements. Today with the support of affiliates in the sports of pocket billiards, he began writing novels on the international game of pool. He also promised to reveal to all the fans the ancient secrets on GAME OF POOL.   

Also known as Shadow Master, he has help discovered methodology behind different ways of playing that was lost throughout the century, ideology behind the game that only a few today had known, training exercises that developed players of all ages, postures that can naturally changed aiming ability, various forms that defined many types of players, and much more. 

  The Tornado Club is allowing our friends, affiliates, and pool players across the planet to have the opportunity to enjoy the Debut of Mason The Tornado as he demonstrates the Hollywood Fantasy of shooting. Hope you enjoy his debut as you watch him make super shots while pool balls are rolling. Entertaining shots that Legendary Minnesota Fats was truly known for. 

Tornado Speed Presents: 

                  Mason Tornado Official Debut
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